Podcast Editing

My experience with media journalism recently crossed into the world of sound and radio. During my time at Oxford, I became a podcast editor for the Oxford University International Relations Society (IRSoc). Their expansive and fluid expectations gave me the freedom to explore any topic of interest as long as it related to international relations. Naturally, I chose to explore multiculturalism as well as the Arab Spring in the Middle East because of my personal connections to the region and growing up as a bicultural individual. I produced two episodes, one per topic (link to podcast series below).

In “Multiculturalism,” I explored the theory and practice of multiculturalism in today’s global society by interviewing social anthropologist at Oxford University, Professor Dawn Chatty, as well as Syrian-American Tasneem Karassi and Indian-American Smriti Krishnan. This included defining multiculturalism and hearing personal accounts of growing up in a multicultural family.

In “Revolution in Tunisia,” I examined the 2011 uprisings in Tunisia that jumpstarted the “Arab Spring” across the Middle East and North Africa. To understand what happened in Tunisia from the people’s perspective during those early days, I spoke with three Tunisians who participated in the events in different ways. The first was Montasar Adaili, a masters student studying in Tunis when the protests broke out, Dr. Mohamed-Salah Omri, associate professor of Modern Arabic Language and Literature at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, and Yosra Outertani, an associate professor of English at the Higher Institute of Languages of Nabeul, Carthage University.


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